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CVPH Rewards Club

Sleeping Dogs

CVPH Rewards Club

The CVPH Rewards Club includes the following:

Unlimited SCHEDULED exams with the medical staff (DVM and RVT)

Cannot use Club free exams for walk-in or ER visits. Discount of 10% applied.

Up to 4 vaccines per year

New puppies and kittens joining the club by 16 weeks of age receive a Rabies vaccine at no additional charge when deemed age appropriate by the medical staff. 

Annual vaccines can only be given once per plan cycle. Additional vaccines or annual vaccines repeated before the plan cycle expires will be given at regular price with the Club 10% discount applied. 

Vaccine series boosters count as the use of one vaccine per plan cycle.

Wellness Bloodwork Panel

Includes chemistry, blood cell line, and electrolyte testing, as well as parasite testing to include a fecal exam and heartworm/tick (dogs) and heartworm/viral (cats) testing.

Free Nail Trims at scheduled DOCTOR appointments when other services are being provided

Cannot use Club free nail trims at grooming appointments. Discount of 10% applied.

Cannot use Club free nail trims on pets that need excessive restraint or sedation. Discount of 10% applied.

Owners that desire a RVT (technician) appointment for nail trims will be charged the RVT exam fee and nail trim fee. Discount of 10% applied.

Services and products not included in the plan receive a 10% Club Discount

Discount cannot be used for online purchases or special orders

Any money spent at CVPH outside of the plan is put toward your Paws Plus Rewards!

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Please call our office today for more information on the CVPH Rewards Club!


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