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Your pet will enjoy time with us while you are away. No cages here! Your dog resides in a glass-fronted flat or suite that feels more like a room than a "run." Guests staying in our suites enjoy the added luxury of a TV and a webcam for pet parents to check-in. Additionally, dogs enjoy time outside in our open-air courtyard safely surrounded by our building. Add a half day of daycare while your dog boards for some play time with new friends.

Your feline won't feel very finicky perched in one of our roomy cat condos. Each cat enjoys individual space with separate areas for resting, eating, and potty breaks. Every condo is equipped with separate ventilation to avoid disease transmission. Your cat can also enjoy time with a housemate or some alone time in our "Lucky Cat Lounge." Cats love to sit in the sun and watch the birds at the feeder!

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Canine Boarding "Flats"

Your canine will by comfy and cozy in one of our spacious flats. No dog runs or cages for our friends! It's time to stretch out and relax at your dog's home away from home. You dog can lounge on one of our resting benches or enjoy a snuggle with a comfort item from home in between play time, walks, and meals

Single occupancy:     $29/night

Double occupancy:    $46/night

Triple occupancy:       $63/night

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Canine Boarding "Suites"

Spoil your sweetie in one of our themed suites. In addition to the amenities found in our flats, our suites offer TV's and webcams so you can check in our you furry friend while you're away. 

Single occupancy:     $39/night

Double occupancy:    $59/night

Triple occupancy:       $79/night


Doggie Daycare

Offer your friend a day of fun while you're away. Doggie daycare offers your dog weekday supervised play for the busy pet parent. Boarding dogs may also enjoy playtime in our daycare. 

*For the safety of all daycare dogs, each pet is screened for group play. 

$17/day or 10 sessions @ $136

$8/half day session with boarding (am/pm)


Cat "Condos"

No worries! Your finicky feline will feel fantastic in one of our roomy condos. Whether your cat is outgoing or shy. We have the condo to suit your pet's needs. Choose a condo with a view or a more private experience to keep your cat comfortable.

Cat condo (includes daily lounge time for eligible cats):    $19/cat/night

Kitty daycare:      $15/cat

The Lucky Cat Lounge

Your cat will be in the lap of luxury while he or she is purrrr-fectly, privately perched in our cat lounge. Activities like bird-watching, sunbathing, and toy-chasing ensure cat contentment. The lounge experience is offered to all 

Please call our office today to schedule a boarding appointment!


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