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Walk-in Urgent Care Services

We offer walk-in urgent care veterinary visits Monday - Friday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. We are always accepting new clients and can typically accommodate pets when your regular veterinary clinic is unavailable. 

We ask that walk-in clients call ahead if possible and typically require that they be checked-in in person by noon.

What To Expect:


Walk-in services are provided in the order of arrival (pending medical emergencies). As such, depending on the day and number of patients, wait times can vary significantly (typically varying from 20 minutes to 1-2 hours). We ask that clients plan ahead and be understanding.


While we see walk-ins with no prior notice, it is beneficial to call ahead and let our staff know to expect you. This allows us to ensure that we are prepared for your visit and can help speed up the check-in process when you and your pet arrive. 


While we see patients until 1pm, if our volume of walk-in patients is high, our medical staff will restrict new walk-in patients typically starting at noon. This means that if you arrive later in the morning and our walk-in doctors do not feel that they can appropriately examine your pet and the other walk-in patients present by 1pm, you will either be asked to return the following morning, schedule an appointment, or referred to a critical care facility for more emergent care. As such, this is another beneficial reason to call ahead as our front desk team can likely let you know how to proceed.


Our walk-in services were designed to provide urgent care to patients that cannot wait for a scheduled appointment. As such, if a client is requesting non-urgent or wellness care as a walk-in service, they may occasionally be asked to return on a different day or schedule an appointment dependent on our overall volume of walk-in patients that day.

The following includes a list of many common urgent care services we provide vs. those that referral is recommended:

Urgent Care Services_edited_edited_edite
Copy of Urgent Care Services_edited_edit

Please note: these lists are not complete, for further information regarding a specific case, please contact the clinic at: 937-382-7387

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