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Daytime Admissions
Morning Drop-off Medical Care 

Unable to leave work to have your pet's wellness care updated or a minor medical problem examined? With our daytime admission process you can simply drop off your pet in the morning and pick up later in the day at your convenience for many medical services. Call the office to learn more!


  • Must be an established client

  • Must be able to wait for a short period of time at initial check-in period to speak to a veterinary technician. This allows us to gather all relevant information to your pet's current state so that we can appropriately treat them.

  • Patient must be in a stable condition (we require that owners be present for the examination for severe illnesses)

  • Patient must be picked back up before 6pm

  • Someone with the authority to make medical decisions must be reachable by phone during the day.

    • This is not always necessary if we are updating wellness care/vaccines, however if we are examining a patient with a health issue, or find an abnormality during our physical examination, we will typically call to address further.

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Wondering more how this process works, here are two examples:

Wellness care: 

Fluffy is due for her annual exam and rabies vaccine and is scheduled for her daytime admit at 8am. Her owner comes in at the scheduled time and spends about 5 minutes speaking to a veterinary technician and reviewing an estimate for services and then leaves Fluffy at the hospital for the day. A doctor examines Fluffy and finds no health issues and updates all wellness care as was discussed with the owner and creates a vaccine sheet for Fluffy to be sent home with at the prescheduled pick-up time. 

Sick Pet: 

Fido is suffering from an ear issue and is scheduled for his daytime admit at 8:30am. His owner comes in at the scheduled time and spends about 5-10 minutes speaking to a veterinary technician about Fido's current health issue and reviewing an estimate for services, including an ear cytology, and then leaves Fido at the hospital for the day. A doctor examines Fido and finds that he has an ear infection. The doctor calls Fido's owner to alert him of the finding and recommends treatment. Fido's owner and the veterinarian discuss any further questions. Medications are prescribed for Fido and are sent home with Fido at his prescheduled pick-up time. 

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