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Additional Boarding Information

Things to remember:

  • Check-in is after 3pm on weekdays. Early check-in any day is based on availability.

  • Check-out is at noon. Late check-outs must be arranged prior to stay and incurs an additional fee of $15/space.

  • Check-in/out is performed during regular business hours. Sunday evening pick up at 6pm is available at a $18/space fee.

  • Cancellation notice is required at least 48 hours prior to pet’s scheduled arrival.

  • Holiday reservations require prepayment for the first night’s stay and will not be refunded without proper notice.

  • The comfort, health, and safety of your furry friend is our top priority, as such we require the following for all boarding patients:

    • Flea control: All pets are given capstar for 24-hour flea control upon entering our facility. Pets found to have fleas or ticks will be treated with a monthly topical at the owner’s expense.

    • Dog vaccinations: DAP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus), Rabies, and Bordetella vaccines are required for boarding, daycare, and grooming. The canine Influenza vaccine is also required for boarding and daycare.

    • Cat vaccinations: RCP (feline upper respiratory vaccine) and Rabies vaccines are required for boarding, daycare, and grooming. Feline leukemia vaccination and/or a current viral blood test is required for cats entering our cat lounge or daycare.

    • All vaccinations are to be current 5 days** prior to entering our pet resort and MUST be given by one of our licensed veterinarians. **Influenza vaccine must be current 2 weeks prior to entering our pet resort.

    • Proof of vaccination is required.

    • Country View Pet Hospital must serve as the patient's primary veterinarian.

  • We feed Purina EN veterinary diets in our pet resort to aid in gentle digestion.

    • Pet parents are welcome to bring each pet’s individual diet and supplements.

  • Prescription medications and injections can be given to your pet while staying with us. Veterinary medications not prescribed by our doctors at Country View will be given at a daily additional fee:

    •   $7 oral or topical meds/pet/day

    •   $13 injectable meds/pet/day

    • Our doctors will verify all prescriptions prior to administration.

  • Any required diagnostics or treatments above and beyond routine boarding will be at an additional expense to the pet owner.

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