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Advanced Techniques

For dogs 5 months of age and older

In our beginner fundamentals course, you will learn how to utilize positive reinforcement to help your dog learn basic manners. This is a seven week course over which your dog will learn concepts such as focus, sit, down, wait, recall, and loose leash walking. This is also an opportunity for your dog to become accustomed to new people, dogs, and distractions. At the end of this course, you will leave with a better understanding on what it takes to communicate with your four legged friend and what common mistakes we make as owners that can hinder training. Training is life-long but this course will help set you up for success!

Week 1

  • ABCs of dog Learning

  • Luring/shaping/capturing

  • Practicing the time of marking

  • Dog's name

  • Sit

Week 3

  • Review/Problem solving

  • Loose leash walking

  • Down

Week 5

  • Review/Problem solving

  • DSCC further discussion

  • Exploring the vet clinic 

    • Scale​

    • Exam rooms

    • Table

Week 7

  • Review/Problem solving

  • Muzzle discussion/conditioning

  • Common restraint measures

  • Graduation

Week 2

  • Review/Problem solving

  • Potty training discussion

  • Touch

  • Come

Week 4

  • Review/Problem solving

  • Socialization​

  • Shake

  • Intro to desensitizing and counter conditioning (DSCC)​​

Week 6

  • Review/Problem solving

  • Exploring the vet clinic continued

  • Explore unique surfaces/textures/objects 

  • Go to bed/place​


  • Must be healthy and 5 months of age or older

    • Dogs showing any clinical signs of vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, coughing, etc. should be kept at home and isolated from other dogs.

  • Must be up to date on core vaccines (DAP, Bordetella, and Rabies) at least 10 days prior to first class (and must have been administered by a licensed veterinarian).

  • Must complete and sign the Dog Training Release Form (can be filled out at the first class).

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